The proposed Noojee Heritage Project Centre will be a multi-purpose development. The project aims to build on the history, setting, character, proximity to Melbourne and established tourism orientated businesses in the township, to provide a historic and interpretive centre and functional building on the site of the former Noojee Railway Station.

Through 5 stages the Noojee and District Historical Society aims to complete the  development of workshops, a turntable, timber mill, cultural centre, station and railway lines and carriages.

An overview of the stages is described below.

Stage 1:

-Construction of a replica Railway Station

-Reinstated railway line.

-Landscaped gardens to the east and west of the station platform.

-Relocation of train and development of static display.

Stage 2:

-Construction of a Goods Shed.

-Construction of a car park.

Stage 3 and 4:

-Construction of workshops 1 and 2.

-Construction of early settlers camp.

-Recreation of railway tracks.

-Construction of Heritage and Cultural Centre.

-Construction of Old Mill Site.

-Construction of turntable.

Stage 5:

-Reconstruction of rail to Trestle Bridge.